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Still Waters For Women, located on a renovated, private residence on 26-acres in Pegram, Tennessee, is a 12- Step immersion retreat for those 18 and older committed to living a life free from drugs and alcohol. At Still Waters, principles of the 12-Steps of recovery are taught using approved literature, fellowship, group discussions, lectures and 12-step meetings.


Gender-Specific Treatment


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In addition to learning about the disease of addiction, recovery and relapse, Still Waters emphasizes spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps. This additional emphasis on spiritual principles separates the Still Waters program from others.

While at Still Waters residents will do intensive step work, participate in acts of service, and, most importantly, learn how to connect with other women in recovery. Residents will also build their own library of recovery literature based on approved 12-step readings.

The gender-specific track has a main house which provides dining services, meeting rooms, offices and housing for recovery support staff. The facility is a three-story house with large semi-private bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms.

We believe relationships (the sisterhood) built within the Still Waters community is one of the biggest factors that lead our alumni to lifelong recovery. The spiritual growth that happens on campus, alongside others who face similar battles, form lifelong bonds that can’t be broken.

A Typical Day at Still Waters for Women

A typical day at Still Waters for Women begins with a morning meditation, a practice that sets your mindset for the day, practicing gratitude and reflecting on your thoughts. Breakfast follows meditation and then the residents begin their daily, rotating chores.

The first group of the day begins at 9 am followed by lunch at noon. After lunch, the women either participate in a 12-step literature study, community meeting, or are given some free time to practice step work. Afternoon group follows from 2-4, with dinner served at 5.

After dinner, the women attend either an offsite 12-step meeting, off-site activity, or an onsite support meeting. Then it’s time to sit together as a community and reflect on the day in an accountability group, where residents share their intentions and goals for tomorrow.

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When I got to Still Waters, I thought it was just another treatment center as I had been to a couple before but could not remain sober for an extended period. I thought “I know what I have to do, I just have to do it.” As I learned, I had no idea what addiction was and how my mind as an addict was pre-wired to think differently than non-addicts.

The foundation upon which my recovery began was set in concrete by the counselors at Still Waters through an understanding of the 12 Steps. No person or institution until that point had explained recovery as they did at Still Waters. Other treatment centers will caress your ego into thinking you are not your addiction. The truth is I had very much become my addiction for a number of years, and if it wasn’t for Still Waters I’d still believe otherwise. Long gone are the days of lying and hurting people I care about.

I.O., Still Waters Alumna

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