Our Treatment Philosophy

Still Waters is a 12-Step immersion program designed for individuals who have not had success with traditional treatment, have been sober for a period of time but then relapsed, want to dig deeper into step work, and/or cannot afford the cost of a traditional treatment program.

Who is Right for Still Waters?

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18 years of age or older​

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Medically and psychologically stable​

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Motivated for recovery​

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Not in need of medical detoxification

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Willing to follow all rules

A Unique 12-Step Program

Our approach to recovery is based on the concept of fellowship and spirituality found in 12-step principles. Studies show that by developing strong ties within the 12-step community, your chances of finding life-long recovery increase greatly. 

Working a strong, spiritually based, 12-step program that includes education, family healing, and 12-step groups allows our residents to grow both emotionally and spiritually, living life as the truest version of themselves.

A Balance of Fellowship & Individual Attention

This program offers fellowship, but also many one-on-one opportunities with counselors and other Still Waters staff. Our staff to patient ratio is 3:1 at Still Waters for Men and 2:1 at Still Waters for Women.

When you become part of the Still Waters Family, you’ll never have to walk your recovery journey alone again. Our continuum of care services, include alumni activities and speaker events (free). We also offer Still Waters recovery coaching for an additional coach.

An Inspiring Setting for Lasting Recovery

As part of the Still Water Community, you will develop a working knowledge of the principles of recovery found in 12-step approved literature.

Staff and volunteers of Still Waters mentor our residents by sharing their wisdom, experience, strength, and hope. They are committed to help those who are motivated for change to make the needed adjustments and commitments to realize a daily life free from alcohol and drugs and based on the spiritual principles of 12-step recovery.

Still Waters Recovery Coaching

We believe alcoholism/addiction is a chronic progressive illness and patient success is greater where there is ongoing support after discharge.

Still Waters Recovery Coaching is a six-month extension of the Still Waters experience for the individual as well as their family. Guided by the continuing care plan put in place by the treatment team at discharge, SWRC emphasizes community involvement with a focus of increasing an individual’s motivation to reach identified goals.

Those involved in recovery coaching will

  • Meet with their coach regularly and be able to reach out anytime they are struggling (24/7)
  • Have the opportunity to involve family members, as loved one will be given regular updates, as well as receive guidance and education on their own recovery and setting healthy boundaries
  • Be educated on de-escalation techniques and relapse prevention
  • Receive ongoing crisis management and help with a safe transition plan
  • Be drug screened randomly
  • Receive intervention assistance and placement in the event of a relapse
  • Be coached on maintaining/improving physical health through exercise and diet
  • Be provided guidance with enrollment at junior college, career/university re-integration or obtaining GED
  • In some cases, receive appropriate referrals for an individual therapist and assistance in finding a physician


Accountability with the continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support services serve as the corner stone for long-term sobriety.


Healing for the entire family

The Family Program encourages family members and loved ones to further explore how their lives have been personally affected by the disease of addiction. Through monthly family phone meetings and weekly visitations, Still Waters provides a safe place for conversations the healing process for families and loved ones, while helping them get started on their own journey of recovery using the 12-Steps of Al-Anon.

What You'll Learn

During our Family Care Program, our clinical staff educates loved ones of residents how addiction affects the entire family. The Family Program’s foremost goal is for each member to heal, which begins with the understanding of addiction as a disease. Families begin to see addictive behavior not as a personal or moral condition, but as the symptom of an illness, often beyond one’s control. 

We show families how to rebuild vital pieces of their relationships, including trust, boundaries, and communication, utilizing experiential and therapeutic group exercise. Clinical staff will also explore family dynamics and addiction in an effort to identify how to rebuild trust, create healthy boundaries, and use safe, clear communication.

The Still Waters Family Program

Addiction impacts the entire family. That’s why Still Waters has built in programming for the loved ones of our residents. By educating family members about the disease of addiction, our clinicians are able to foster lifelong healing for each person. To learn more about our recovery programming, please contact the Still Waters admissions staff today.

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Still Waters is an amazing place! I have personally witnessed the spiritual restoration of a loved one through this program. When I needed a place to send a loved one in active addiction, this was my first choice. The staff are honest, caring and tough when necessary. The bond that develops between residents, staff and alumni is inspiring. Still Waters saved my loved one’s life and I will be forever grateful!

J.G., Family Member of a Still Waters Alumnus

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