12-Step Immersion Programs for Women and Men

Twelve-Step Immersion programs are well-suited for individuals who resonate with the spiritual and communal aspects of the Twelve-Step approach. They offer a structured and supportive environment for individuals seeking a robust introduction into a recovery lifestyle.


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Still Waters for Men

Still Waters for Men is for those ready and willing to make changes necessary to live a life free from drugs and alcohol through intense 12-step work. Our approach is based on the concepts of fellowship and spirituality. Explore our serene, 105-acre campus in Lobelville, Tennessee. Residents stay in semi-private rooms, allowing friendships to develop into a supportive recovery community.


Still Waters for Women

Located on 26 beautiful wooded acres in Pegram, Tennessee, Still Waters for Women is a residential program for those who are truly ready to recover. Our long-term care model is rooted in the 12-Steps, ensuring that each resident receives personalized, one-on-one care in a safe and supportive setting. Still Waters is perfect for women who need a different approach to treatment and recovery.

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Still Waters is a recovery program based solely on 12-step principles, staffed entirely by recovering alcoholics and addicts who want to share their experience, strength and hope with others.

An Immersive 12 Step Experience

The length of stay at Still Waters ranges from 30 days to an entire year, depending on a resident’s specific needs. The program is designed to be a 12-step immersion program with an emphasis upon spirituality. Residents live together in fellowship, forming a true brotherhood or sisterhood. This fosters a community striving to help and encourage one another in recovery.

Work the Steps,
experience Life with Us.