Why We Hire People in Recovery

12-step recovery staff

When you’re ready to get sober and declare your independence from addiction, you will need plenty of support and guidance along the way. The staff at your recovery center will be a crucial part of your journey. While many people have the education, training and certifications necessary to work in the addiction treatment industry, it can be even more meaningful when you know the people helping you are also in recovery.

Why People in Recovery Make Good Substance Abuse Counselors

At Still Waters, we exclusively hire people recovering from substance use disorders to staff our women’s and men’s rehabs. Here are four reasons we believe people in recovery are an asset to our clients and team.

1. Experience and Empathy

Becoming an addiction counselor can be one of the best jobs for people in recovery because they have experienced the struggle firsthand. They understand what it’s like to lose control to compulsions that can adversely affect every facet of their life. They know what works and how to follow a relapse prevention plan.

By working with someone who is also healing, you will gain additional insight into the disease of addiction, including how to deal with complex emotions like guilt. It will be much easier for you to relate to a person who has walked the same path and been through similar problems.

2. An Understanding of the 12 Steps

At Still Waters, we emphasize the spiritual principles of 12-step programming. Our staff members understand the value of working through all 12 steps to transform your life. They also embody the 12th step, which encourages people in recovery to share the message with others.  

3. A Positive Example

If you have struggled with addiction for years, you may be desperate for solutions – especially if your previous stays in rehab have not resulted in your desired changes. Sometimes, the best motivation is seeing what’s possible. Your Still Waters counselors can share their success stories, reassure you that you’re never alone and inspire you to stay sober.

4. A Foundation of Trust and Honesty

Many people with substance use disorders carry a significant burden of shame. They go to extremes to hide their drug or alcohol problem, including lying to themselves and others. When you know everyone around you has faced similar challenges, you can finally be honest and have the conversations you need to move forward. You won’t have to worry about people judging you – everybody at Still Waters is part of the same close-knit community. That level of trust creates an environment where you can be open in ways you may never have before.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Still Waters is a 12-step immersion program for adults who have not found success with traditional treatment, have experienced a relapse, want a more comprehensive understanding of the 12 steps or are looking for a more affordable rehab program.

In addition to 12-step immersion, we believe the fellowships forged here are one of the most valuable factors leading our alumni to lifelong recovery. Our staff-to-client ratio is 3:1 at Still Waters for Men and 2:1 at Still Waters for Women. We provide an inspiring setting for recovery in the beautiful Tennessee countryside. If you are motivated to heal, contact us today.

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