What Sets Still Waters Apart

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When traditional treatment isn’t successful, it’s natural to feel discouraged. But for most people, success in recovery comes when you find a program that fits your specific needs. At Still Waters, we have seen the effectiveness of our 12-Step immersion program. It is especially impactful for those who have struggled with traditional treatment models and continue to relapse, but who are also motivated to achieve recovery. Today, we’ll talk about what sets Still Waters apart from other addiction treatment solutions.

12-Step Immersion at Still Waters

The 12 Steps provide a pathway to lasting sobriety for those who are willing to commit to the process. The steps encourage self-exploration, surrender to a Higher Power and the rebuilding of relationships damaged by addiction. Each step is an opportunity for growth and provides practical applications for those in recovery. This makes our model one from which every person can benefit. 

“Our goal is to help residents take a really deep dive into the 12 steps of recovery, including the spiritual principles, and emerge renewed. Everyone who works here is in recovery, so they walk the walk and have been in those shoes. What they teach is what they themselves do. There is a high level of peer accountability, including in our aftercare and alumni groups, which are highly attended.”

Heath Chitwood, Executive Director

At Still Waters, we believe in leading by example. That’s why we hire people who have been in recovery themselves. Each of the individuals working in our center has personally seen the benefits of working the 12 Steps and can speak from experience as they guide others in recovery. We have found that those in the program are invested in the process because they are able to see results in the employees they interact with. Accountability is the foundation of our treatment model, and we continue to encourage this after residents leave our center through our aftercare and alumni groups.

women's support group

Community Support in Recovery

When you choose to attend Still Waters, you are immediately part of a community of like-minded individuals also seeking a life of sobriety. To build the supportive environment you need in recovery, we offer gender-specific treatment programs to better address your individual needs. By working the 12 Steps within a group of men or women also seeking sobriety, you are able to build lasting relationships that encourage accountability and personal growth.

“Going into the program, I knew what everyone was telling me about recovery, but I didn’t know how to apply it. The program helped me to look in the mirror and get to gut-level honesty. Going through the process with the same group of men helped us to lift one another up but also identify things within ourselves. After I left Still Waters, I was in a sober living house for six months. Staying in the brotherhood taught me what being a man in sobriety was all about. I went from an emotional child to a young man to a sober adult.”

Cole S., Alumnus of Still Waters for Men

The support you receive at Still Waters doesn’t end when you leave our 12-Step immersion program. The relationships you build with residents and staff last long beyond your time here. Additionally, our residents continue to seek out similar communities that will encourage them to remain committed to recovery. 

group of men in recovery

Embracing a Changed Life

One common barrier to pursuing recovery is the fear of what life will look like without an addiction. We have seen a number of residents enter our program who are motivated to maintain sobriety, but who are fearful of the future. We are continually impressed by those who embrace the changes available to them. Thanks to that courage, they are able to find a freedom they didn’t know was possible. 

“Still Waters helped me when I needed it most and still helps me. It is for those willing to take a deeper look at their life. They show you another way of living that’s so much easier. I feared change but have gotten a better life than I ever believed I would, should and deserved.”

Helen P., Alumna of Still Waters for Women 

There is a better life ahead of anyone who commits to working the steps and engaging in self-reflection. At Still Waters, we encourage residents to look at life through a new lens and see what a life of sobriety can bring them.

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The Still Waters Difference

Our program model at Still Waters is designed for those who may have attended a treatment program previously – or recently relapsed – but are committed to the recovery process. 

It’s often discouraging when it seems like treatment isn’t working, which is why we created a space unique to other facilities. We focus solely on the 12-step model and provide individualized support from those who have been in recovery themselves. The community built here lasts a lifetime because it’s built on a foundation of vulnerability and camaraderie. By providing gender-specific treatment, we ensure the focus remains on your needs in recovery. 

If you are medically stable but are in need of more intensive support following a relapse, contact us today to learn more about our unique 12-Step Immersion program. 

Work the Steps,
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