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Thanks to you, we’ve reached our goal of securing $90,000 in scholarship funds for Still Waters patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford treatment. Now, one of our donors has graciously offered to match up to $100,000 for patient assistance. Do you have a little extra to help us get to our new goal? Your gift will help a family that is struggling rewrite their story – a story of hope and healing.

Still Waters Alumna Thanks Donors for Believing in Her

After a decade-long battle with addiction, Pollyann K. sought help at Cumberland Heights. She wanted more time to recover and learn about herself, but couldn’t afford to continue treatment. Thanks to generous donors, Pollyann was able to attend Still Waters for Women – an experience she says saved her life.


Those who have been touched by the disease of addiction are always working to dismantle the stereotypes. We say how inaccurate it is to picture someone suffering from substance use disorder as homeless, skinny, dirty and so drunk they can’t even see straight. As far as me and my story, I absolutely fit that stereotype.

I know in my heart of hearts, 2016 would have been one of my last, if not my last year on earth if it weren’t for Still Waters. I was severely underweight, living on the streets without a care in the world other than getting drunk and/or high on heroin. I had been to 11 treatment centers. I was so sick- both physically and mentally. I was an empty shell of a man, and I no longer had the will to go on. My family had given up on me. For the first time in my life, I had completely run out of ideas.

And then God showed up through the gift of desperation. Through fundraising efforts and key staff at Cumberland Heights and Still Waters, I was given one last chance. I was exhausted and empty, so I surrendered. I completely gave myself over to the Still Waters program and did what was suggested of me. I worked the 12-Steps. I let go and let God. That was hard at first. I didn’t know a Higher Power, but a very smart man spoke these words to me that I’ll never forget. “If you truly want to find recovery, first you have to find a God that works for you.” I didn’t know how to pray, but I got on my knees and said, “God, if you give me a new life, I promise I’ll spend the rest of mine helping others.” Well, God came through for me so I’m making good on my promise. I sponsor several people in recovery and share my story whenever I’m given the chance.

While I was in active addiction, I had no job and no relationship with my daughters. Now, I see my daughters all the time, have a wonderful relationship with their mother, and am watching my son grow into a wonderful kid who won’t ever have to see me using. In 2020, I got my general contractor’s license to build homes from the ground up. And just last year, my business partner and I started our own construction management and real-estate investment company — a lifelong dream of mine! I have gone from being a homeless drug addict to a homebuilder. God has a wonderful sense of humor. None of this would be possible without donors like you, and the wonderful programs at Cumberland Heights and Still Waters.

I know when people saw me on the streets in 2016, they felt pity for me and figured I would die that way. I thought the same. I could have never imagined a life as rich as it is today. I am living proof that recovery is possible. I still feel overwhelmed thinking about the scholarship I was gifted six years ago. The brotherhood and staff supported my initial recovery, and they continue to support me and be part of my life today. This program not only saved my life, but it changed the trajectory of my three children’s lives. I can’t imagine a greater gift. By giving to Still Waters, you can help another family rewrite their story just like we did.

Forever Grateful,

Jack Jones


Serving Up Recovery

Still Waters Alumnus Now Head Chef at Cumberland Heights

Substance abuse has long been a problem in the restaurant industry, and Alex experienced that first-hand in his early 20s working as a cook. But thanks to Still Waters for Men, Alex was able to find long-term recovery while still pursuing his passion for culinary art. Now he’s the head chef at Cumberland Heights!

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